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As a military child, Tracey grew up moving from one place to another. Starting in Ohio, she ventured from Kansas to Spain and back to Ohio. During those moves, she was mom’s right hand. Tracey has memories of her mom teaching her how to organize, pack, unpack, and be settled. She always made the process of organizing fun. Tracey fondly remembers those experiences, and has carried a love for organization throughout her life. Creating Thankfully Organized has been a blessing. Tracey has been fortunate to help many people with organization. She had success in the Buckeye State and met some amazing people. In 2021 she moved her family and business to Palm Beach County.

Before creating Thankfully Organized, Tracey had been a stay-at-home mom and ran her own child care business, she cared for people in assisted living, she operated a catering start-up, and she served as an executive secretary for a group of directors. During these careers, Tracey improved spaces and implemented systems with her organizational magic. Tracey has facilitated white glove moves, provided relief to busy households and busy professionals, organized entire homes, overseen a cross country move, and more. Tracey prides herself on her personal integrity and sound relationships with her clients. She believes that if you do everything in the client’s best interest, the business will take care of itself.  There are many reasons to be organized and the benefits are so rewarding. Tracey and her team are Professional Organizers and they look forward to helping you become Thankfully Organized.

About Thankfully Organized

  • Thankfully Organized is a professional organizing company that focuses on home organization, move facilitation, luxury personal assistant tasks, and refresh sessions of your space, to help keep everything in place. Hiring a Professional Organizer can save you hours of valuable time. Our clients are amazed to see how much space we create and time we save them. They are so thankful to be able to focus their energy on what they do best and having the ability to really enjoy their space.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked

No preparation or purchases needed at all. We will determine your needs and goals during the consultation.

It depends on your needs and wants. We will discuss the time frame and your goals during the free consultation. You determine what process suits your needs and the price point that fits your budget. We will work together to find a solution that best serves YOU.

We have a great love and respect for your sentimental attachment to belongings and the memories many items may represent for your family. Your home is personal, and we appreciate you trusting us.  We value your time and truly enjoy motivating and assisting you in achieving your goal to create more time for you and your family once your project is complete.

YOU have complete control over your budget and decide what is best for YOU. Some clients want to be involved, some clients just want the project completed. Virtual clients are looking for coaching and want to finish the work themselves. The demand of the job dictates the cost, but we can determine that together, and we have very affordable options.

Completing a project you have not had time for or just don’t know where to begin. Capitalizing on the VALUE of YOUR time, because you may enjoy doing other things, or you may have more important priorities. Preparing to move, settling into a new home, or downsizing can be overwhelming, and you may want extra hands and eyes to complete your project. Having the right systems in place and improving your space can save time, reduce stress for you and/or your family, allow you focus on your priorities and enjoy your life.

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