About Thankfully Organized

Meet Tracey

As a military child, I grew up moving from one place to another. Starting in Ohio, we ventured all over from Kansas to Spain, and eventually landed back in the midwest to O-H-I-O! During each of those moves, I was my Mom’s right hand girl. I still have fond memories of Mom teaching me to organize, rearrange, pack, un-pack, and repeat. One of our favorite activities was rearranging furniture just for the fun of it.

During our time living in Ohio, our three-bedroom ranch on Columbus’ west side was home for not only myself and my Mom, but my grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles as well.

While the living quarters were cramped, we all chipped in to care for the home and plan for family events. A regular Easter or Christmas consisted of 50+ family members lined up through the house waiting to eat. I fondly remember how Mom made those experiences fun, and I carried her love for being organized throughout my own life into adulthood.

I take great pride in an organized home and work environment. I have used this passion for organization to help many people in both their personal lives, and to improve many workplace systems. My experiences range from play areas to classroom spaces, and restaurant operations to office environments that need paperwork and file management systems.

I am a Professional Organizer. I was clearly born to do this and I want to help YOU become Thankfully Organized.

Tracey Kulp - Home Organizer

About Thankfully Organized

Have you spent too much time trying to find what you need? Organizing can eliminate hours of valuable time and frustration wasted. We’ll help you get rid of your pain points by developing systems that work for you. Thankfully Organized clients are shocked to see how much space we create and time we save them. They are so thankful for the time it saves with their daily routines and how much they enjoy their space when we have a finished project.

We have a passion for helping people find their way through the clutter of life. We love the joy we can bring to a freshly organized family. This is why we do this.

Home Organizer Haven Kulp

Meet Haven

Haven has worked in the service industry since she was a child working in her grandmother’s catering business. Haven currently holds an Associates Degree in Hospitality Management and Event Planning and also works in the hotel industry in Columbus. Haven has a very artistic eye and a passion for creativity.

Albany Kulp - Home Organizer

Meet Albany

Albany has a call to service of others, and you will feel her heart of gold the moment you meet her. She has worked several years in the service industry and served many hours volunteering in nursing homes. Albany is currently studying to be a nurse and works part time in the Columbus area. 

Home Organization Testimonials

"What a transformation!"

I can’t stop looking at our bedroom! What a transformation! It smiles at me now! Thanks so much for your help today.

"It’s been a good day."

I am looking at all this stuff with a critical eye. It’s been a good day.


Happy... Thank you for all of your help! I couldn’t of done it without YOU.

"I love it!"

It’s all together now. Most of my special glass in one spot! I love it!

"So very much appreciate your help!"

I am so glad one of us is in control! Keep me on the straight and narrow. I’m excited to have another day organizing to save time! So very much appreciate your help!

"Girls loved the basement!"

Girls loved the basement! She is already plotting a friend hangout.

"You're bringing me out of the mud!!!"

You’re a “Overwhelmer Annihilator”. A Tackler for the Overwhelmed! That’s the part of your business that is special. I truly would not have started without you and your encouragement. You're bringing me out of the mud!!!

"I can breathe again!"

Thank YOU! I can breathe again!

"Great idea on the bed placement."

Great idea on the bed placement. I wouldn’t have thought of that in a hundred years! I am sitting here enjoying the room now.